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How To Use Facebook Video Watch Time To Identify Hot Prospects

by | Aug 26, 2020

Like a cup of Joe, Facebook and Video are a combination that motivates us to get up in the morning.

Leveraging the power of video and its accompanied data metrics to identify steaming hot prospects is something that a Financial Advisor or Insurance Agent should be doing when running any Facebook Ad campaign.

If you didn’t already know, Facebook has an amazing ad reporting platform. One of our favorite metrics to utilize is user watch time on videos.

Through this metric, you are able to monitor the level of engagement on a per-video basis. With a breakdown of 25%, 50%, 75%, 95%, and 100% watch time, it can get pretty granular.

In our opinion, this analytic truly provides unparalleled insight into whether or not a prospect is as cold as day old coffee, or as hot as fresh brewed looking for more information.

Based on watch time, you can then target your valued audience with additional advertising efforts and dump the cold ones down the drain.

Pro Tip:

This theory of identifying “hot” prospects is only relevant if the video length is substantial. Best practice would be no less 1.5 minutes. Ideally, using a 2 to 3 minute video is better for measuring interest.

Why is this a better measure of interest you may be wondering…

The longer the video is, the more committed the viewer must be to follow through and complete a greater % of watch time. If you base your metrics off of a 30 second video for example, a 75% watch time measurement doesn’t hold as much validity of interest compared to a 75% watch time of a 3 minute video.

Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it! We think so too!

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