All-in-One Marketing Platform

The Only Lead Generation Platform You’ll Ever Need

Our partnership with Horsesmouth provides advisors and agents access to industry leading FINRA approved, educational and business development content at a discounted rate of 10%*. Pair that with our unique distribution platform, brand enhancing programs and ad management services, financial professionals now have a strong marketing foundation to build and grow their book of business.

Lead Generation and Value Propositions

Generate leads with an array of industry topics at your disposal.

Impress with professionally designed guides and information that prospects will value. Quickly become the expert that consumers seek answers from.

Be self-sufficient through our easy to use distribution tools. Or add on a booster services and receive expert ad management support.

Lead Nurture and Brand Strengthening

Never let a month pass without reminding clients and prospects who their trusted advisor or agent is.

Stay in front of the consumer and boost top-of-mind awareness in the marketplace via an eclectic style of financial postings when branding on social media.

Hand pick from noteworthy articles, share financial insight with the power of video, and be the expert of your domain.


Lead Qualification and Conversion

Engage and reactivate your database through a unique workshop experience by inviting them to view on-demand webinars.

Drive new prospects to attend live events though our booster service ad management.

Grow your practice through proven workshop programs that have generated millions in product sales for both seasoned or new advisors and agents.



What Our Clients Have To Say

Newsletter Program

“I’ve been using the newsletter program for over a year now.

Many of my client’s comment on the articles they found to be interesting.

I would say it has been a great tool in assisting me in the objective to stay top-of-mind with my clients and prospects.”

- Alan T.

Workshop Program

“After working with my FMO on a workshop event I realized I needed more specialized management as the results were not to my satisfaction.

I’ve sense ran more than 8 workshops and have been very happy with the quality of clientele that have attended. More importantly its been a good experience working with the staff at EliteAMG. They have been very attentive. ”

- Greg B.

Lead Generation and Social Branding

“EliteAMG’s services performed as advertised. They were successful in generating leads and producing high levels of social media engagement.

I found proof of success when I started inviting leads to live events. Additionally, many of my event attendees made comments on how they liked my advertising. I knew then that branding does in fact work. ”

- Ken T.

Baby Boomer Dilemma Advertising

“I’ve worked with EliteAMG on a several lead generations topics such as their Ultimate Retirement Guide and a college planning program. Both generated good results.

Most recently they provided Facebook ad management services for my live Baby Boomer Dilemma event. I’m very happy with the return as I had 29 registrations on what I would consider a small budget.”

- Carol D.