Elite Advisors Media Group

Video Development and Examples

From custom video request to pre-formatted video options, EliteAMG has what it takes to bring your ideas to life through carefully selected video footage, eye catching animations, compelling script writing, and powerful voice over options. 

Watch some of our past projects and see how we are utilizing the power of video to communicate ideas, product solutions, and investment strategies.

Workshop Videos

Medicare Workshop Video

Social Security Workshop Video

NRI Max® Videos

NRI Max Commercial

Portfolio Blueprint Analysis

NRI Max Commercial

Maximize Your Net Retirement Income

Product Focused Videos

MYGA vs Bank CDs

QOL – AIG Life Insurance

General Life Insurnace

The Nuts and Bolts of Annuities

John Hancock Video

Company Promotionals

Advisor Gateway Pro

Client Account Application

Flash Branding and Short Commercial

Entry Point Advisor Network

Elite Advisors Media Group

Briggs Financial Group – 15 Second

Briggs Financial Group – 30 Second