Retirement Planning Seminars

Our Series of Educational Workshops Focused on Informing Consumers

NRI Max Educational Workshops

NRI Max™ stands for Net Retirement Income Maximization™. This series of informative seminars is intended to create awareness and educate people on the Retirement Planning Process to employ to achieve their retirement dreams. No investment advice is being offered or recommended during these classes and nothing is being sold. These are strictly educational.

Our main goal is to provide the education necessary for people to retire successfully. We’re only able accomplish this through our hard working fiduciary advisors. Our current workshop series contains three presentations covering a wide range of Retirement Planning topics, concerns, and strategies. 

Our Current Workshop Series

Taxes In Retirement

Our Taxes In Retirement Workshop is intended to educate people on personal income tax changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Help them evaluate the impact the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act had on retirement income streams​, and identify tools and strategies available to middle income retirees​.

What Does The Successful Retiree Do Differently

Our “What Does the Successful Retiree Do Differently” workshop is intended to help people understand the difference between retiring FROM something and retiring TO something. In knowing this, they will have a clearer vision on how to plan for the retirement they have always dreamed of. As well as understanding different types of income streams, What you own and Why you own it, what you’re paying in total fees.