End Of Year Promotional Discounts

Get The Competitive Edge By Creating Stronger Brand Awareness With The Consumer

Stay Top Of Mind 

Keep your brand top-of-mind with clients and prospects though the publication of your own monthly newsletter.

Build authority and relevancy with broad, consumer centric topics such as Finance, Lifestyle, Technology and more. 

Establish stronger relationships with this consistent communication all in under 15 minutes each month. 

Expand Your Digital Footprint

Social media is turning out to be one of the most powerful tools to market your company and stand out from the crowd.

Did you know? It takes 5 to 7 impressions before someone will remember your brand.  Build greater market reach with social branding and remain top-of-mind with the consumer.

Publishing content that position you as an expert and makes your brand more relatable you will leave a lasting impression on the market which boost long term sales opportunities. 

Here are the End of Year Promotional Programs and Pricing Options:

Monthly Newsletter Program:

6 Month Subscription = $40/monthly ~ 28% OFF

12 Month Subscription = $35/monthly ~ 37% OFF

Program Highlights: Hand pick compliance friendly content and send up to 1,000 contacts, 4 articles per month – requires less than 15 minutes of management.

Social Media Branding Options:

6 Month Subscription = $315/monthly ~ 30% OFF

12 Month Subscription = $285/monthly ~ 40% OFF

Program Highlights: Includes ad spend, custom audiences created for future remarketing, limited to geographical territories (First come first serve).

*Discounts applied when paid in full.

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