No one cares, why should you?

by | Nov 9, 2021

I’ve found business professionals often don’t care or understand the importance of touch-point communication. Examples being Newsletters, Mailers, Engagement Events, Birthday Cards, etc.

They believe it to be a waste of dollars or simply not effective.

When I say touch-point communications I’m referring to marketing efforts that are focused on branding and sustaining your business’s top-of-mind awareness with the consumer in a constant, ongoing basis.

Bottom line, creating “brand-awareness” for their business simply is not a priority.


Instead, this is what I hear….

I need solutions to write more business.

I need programs that generate more AUM.

I need qualified, high net worth leads.

What type of return are you getting with these programs?

—————————– –

So, too please the masses I present you with this money-making case study.

Case Study (Add Time Line)

Throughout the pandemic we helped an advisor hold multiple in educational events that were accompanied by other touch-point communication programs. Since execution, this person has written close to 2 million in business with 98,000 more in the pipeline.

Management Cost for this = ~$6,547

Ad Spend = $8908

Total Marketing Cost = $15,455

Total Business Written = ~ $1,874,000

Total Commission Earned @ ~6.5% average = $121,810

Pending Business = $98,000

Return on Investment = 121%

So, there you have it. Marketing efforts that the masses care about and generate money.

If you have further questions about implementation of this process or would like assistance contact us here at or call 810.522.6689.

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