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No one cares, why should you?

by | Nov 9, 2021

I’ve found business professionals often don’t care or understand the importance of touch-point communication. Examples being Newsletters, Mailers, Engagement Events, Birthday Cards, etc.

They believe it to be a waste of dollars or simply not effective.

When I say touch-point communications I’m referring to marketing efforts that are focused on branding and sustaining your business’s top-of-mind awareness with the consumer in a constant, ongoing basis.

Bottom line, creating “brand-awareness” for their business simply is not a priority.


Instead, this is what I hear….

I need solutions to write more business.

I need programs that generate more AUM.

I need qualified, high net worth leads.

What type of return are you getting with these programs?

—————————– –

So, too please the masses I present you with this money-making case study.

Case Study (Add Time Line)

Throughout the pandemic we helped an advisor hold multiple in educational events that were accompanied by other touch-point communication programs. Since execution, this person has written close to 2 million in business with 98,000 more in the pipeline.

Management Cost for this = ~$6,547

Ad Spend = $8908

Total Marketing Cost = $15,455

Total Business Written = ~ $1,874,000

Total Commission Earned @ ~6.5% average = $121,810

Pending Business = $98,000

Return on Investment = 121%

So, there you have it. Marketing efforts that the masses care about and generate money.

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